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Yaratıcı Alan


Would you like to
be a part of the
Counci team?

We are excited
that you are
becoming a Counci!

Please first check
the prerequisites
and then fill out
the form below. 

Counci recruitments are carried out periodically in accordance with the company's progress policies. We want to make sure all Councis' earnings are sufficient. For these reasons, your application will first be placed in the pool, and you will be contacted at the first opportunity.

There are also conditions for working as a Counci. Prerequisites are stated below and details will be provided after you complete the first stage. If you have questions about how to obtain the certificate required for the prerequisites, you can contact our team any time. We like to help.

We hope to see you in the days when we can develop together by sharing the same vision. For this purpose, do not forget to fill out the form below.

Prerequisites to be a Counci:

Turkish Residency Permit or Turkish Passport / ID

Supervisor Real Estate Consultant Certificate

All Councis must be living in Turkey legally. We first ensure you have no barrier to start legally working in Turkey.

Must be level 5 (highest degree) & legally authorized by Vocational Qualification Institute of Turkey (MYK).

Consultancy Experience with Foreign Investors

Experience is important. Min. 3 years of work experience you must have. Resume and references will be required.

An Entrepreneurial Character with Knowledge

A strong entrepreneurial character  with business and language knowledge who wants to be the boss of his own business.

Application Form:

Upoad your resume.

Thanks for submitting! We received your application successfully.
Our team will contact you during the next Counci recruitment period.

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