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Have a full investment service, get private consultancy for your needs, and attend offline pre-investment education. All for you.

Hastane Avlusu


Meet your own Counci who will work only for you and let him assist you for your investment and travel needs. Learn appropriate projects for your real estate search. Complete all owning process with your private Counci. Also, let him assist you with your travel needs and leisure time plans. Digital or face-to-face, from your country or Turkey. Also, with a transportation solution if you need... Find out more here.


If you have started to think about your new investment or if you have already made your investment but need objective consultuncy, check out our private consultancy services. Have a video meeting with your Counci and get a post-call report for your research inquiries. Get advice from a certified estate professional who works exclusively for you, rather than getting from someone who gives free advice for his own benefit.


All the information you need to know when you want to invest in real estate in Turkey is here. If you are in the pre-investment process, you will see that the value this course will add to you will turn into a very serious financial gain. Click for more info about this training prepared by certified Turkish professionals who have global work experience with real estate developers, agencies and marketing companies.

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