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Dizüstü Bilgisayar Ekranı Kafe

To sum it up, here we are.

We have thought of everything so that your investment is safe, profitable, fast and hassle-free. We work with hundreds of reliable and profitable housing projects without any commission. Unlike other real estate companies, we are at your side for the options you find yourself, too.

Being in Turkey or not is up to you. It's your choice to meet with a counselor face-to-face or online. Also, it is not only an investment consultant but also a travel assistant: Counci. Instead of buying a house with prices that are too high due to high real estate commissions, make your investment safely with Counci as a commission-free investor and also have all exclusive services.

All Councis are selected by screening among certified real estate consultants and they are experienced & professional.

Travel & Leisure Assistance

Your Counci can search for the most suitable flight tickets for your future date, find the hotel that suits your budget and expectations, and make the necessary preparations for your investment trip to be in the comfort of a holiday. If you wish, you can come as a family and experience city culturally while making your real estate investment with confidence. Feel free to ask us a restuarant, pharmacy, museum etc.

Do we need to point out that we don't take commissions from the services we assist for our clients? We never accept commisions and we ask companies to make discount for you.


Guidence and Transportation Assistance

From the moment you land at the airport, your Counci's guidance and transportation assistance begins. According to your preferences, it assists your needs such as public transportation, taxi, chauffeur driven vehicle. Enjoy convenient and easy transportation for your touristic and business visits. Ask us any direction, reqest a rental car reservation  or anything regarding to your transportation. You can't be lost here with your Counci. 

As you know, we have a strict rule: We never charge commissions for any of these. Your gain is our gain.

Real Estate Consultancy

Although it is difficult to solve the transportation problem quickly and conveniently, it is more difficult to invest in real estate in a new country. Your Counci understands what you want and shows you what options you can find closest to your budget and expectations. It perfects your time planning and enables you to reach the right result in the shortest time and in the safest way.

Thanks to our innovative business model, we work with zero comission and demand that this amount be reflected as a discount to our customers.


Decision and Contract Consultancy

After your project visits are completed, you and your Counci decide on the option that makes the most sense for you over the offers you receive, so you make the right investment. When you need to sign the contract, your contract is also reviewed by your Counci and the sales consultant is contacted to ensure a smooth signing process. We can also follow up your title deed transfer on behalf of you.

You're safe. You pay no commission and have hussle-free experience as long as you move forward with us.

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