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Duvardaki Ağaç Gölgeleri


Counci is your objective friend during your investment journey. How much you will invest is not Counci's concern. Counci charges you only for the benefit and work provided but never for the commission.

Regular estate agencies can charge project builders up to %15 of their clients' investment amount and call this service as free. However, if you are not paying for the product, it means you are the product. Even you do not pay a fee for the provided services, your agency charges the commission from the developer after you purchase, and you do not know how much...

Rather than paying hidden commissions, you may prefer Counci and we can provide you professional consultancy and assistancy together and minimum 10 times cheaper than a traditional real estate agency.

We are proud to introduce you a totally new way of real estate investment: Counci. You pay for a fair service fee but never for any commission.

Professional, honest and simple.

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